Working Partner Relocation Program

Achieve a successful outcome with our comprehensive approach.

Happy young couple working on laptop togetherBecause the relocating partner may come from any of a variety of job levels and may not have a traditional career path, CPI / New Options Group has designed three distinct programs with services lasting one, three or six months.  As the first step in the process, we assign a job search Consultant to act as a coach and engage the individual in the process prior to relocation.

The key to being successful in partner relocation assistance is using all the skills and tools available to build and cultivate a network in the new location.

CPI / New Option’s Working Partner Relocation Program typically include these components:

  • Assessment to match the relocating partner with the most appropriate career transition Consultant
  • Transition planning and job search preparation
  • Career evaluation, decision making and strategy alignment
  • Professional resume development services
  • On-line Career Portal access throughout the transition
  • Market research and target employer list development
  • Formal marketing plan development and technique training
  • Developing a network to discover hidden opportunities in a new market
  • Successful interviewing and job offer negotiations

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