Career Transition / Outplacement

Downsizing is painful, no matter how you look at it.  The affected employees, those who remain, and the larger community look to you to make a statement that your company cares.  In the midst of the internal upheaval created by organizational change, allow CPI/New Options Group to demonstrate your business integrity by providing high-touch, personalized career transition services.

Provide a coach – not just a group lecture and a workbook.

With the distress that typically accompanies a layoff, separating employees deserve a personal coach to guide them through many decisions – whether to pursue the same career, train for a new vocation, relocate, retire, or start their own business.  With time-proven techniques, a wealth of corporate experience, and a pulse on the local job market, our consultants provide one-on-one coaching that puts candidates miles ahead of self-administered outplacement programs.  Unless a candidate requests a change, the same coach works with the candidate throughout the process, increasing the likelihood of successful program completion and outcomes.

Put resources at candidates’ fingertips.

While face-to-face career coaching is a central element in our transition programs, CPI/New Options Group also makes a full complement of other resources available to candidates.  With our Online Career Portal, candidates have Web access to these resources around the clock and while traveling to remote locations.  CPI/New Options Group provides this state-of-the-art technology to help candidates learn more about themselves, communicate with coaches, research job opportunities, and build a peer network throughout the transition process.

Customize the program for corporate and individual needs.

CPI/New Options Group’s transition programs are highly flexible.  We offer services tailored for senior executives, individual in-residence programs, and group-administered programs – all of which incorporate personal coaching. Our Online Career Portal even makes virtual program delivery possible.  With CPI/New Options Group, every transition program is uniquely designed and administered to address the needs of both the company and the affected individuals.

CPI New Options Career Transition Programs

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